We currently live in Tel Aviv, with 2 cats.

Many people cook, but many of them are also intimidated bye many  recipes because they sound or look difficult, time consuming or too fancy, so they stay with their old familiar recipes, that are perceived as simpler (are stuffed peppers really less time consuming than .. anything? is soda bread really that much easier than real bread?). So this blog is dedicated to those of you who want to try something new, but simple, special, fancy, but not too time consuming.

We also try to present as many comments and commentaries as I can, to make the preparation feel ‘safer’ and for you to know where to ‘watch out’, according to my experience and readings.

We also present complicated things, some of which took me time and practice to succeed with, but are challenging, tasty, and possible in the home-kitchen. I also explain all the problems and mistakes I have done with them (yes, gnocchi is complicated…).

Last but not least, We like varied food, and we try to experiment with many different things.

We believe in reduced amounts of sugar & small portions, and totally against artificial tastes such as ‘soup cubes’, ketch.. there is always a better, natural, things to use for better taste, even if you don’t make your own chicken stock.

We cook ‘small’ (normally 2-4 dishes come out from each recipe) so feel free to double the recipes if needed.

We hope that if you read through all my manifesto, you will also find the time to try some recipes.

G. &M

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