Noa’s mom tahini cookies

The best recipe i found for tahini (sesame paste) cookies- kindly provided by Noa’s mom. thanks Noa’s mom!

It is also the easiest cookies recipe ever, tasty… and.. easy ๐Ÿ™‚



200gr melted butter

420gr flour (regular, 3 cups)

240gr tahini (sesame paste) (1 cup)

200gr sugar (1 cup)

pinch of vanilla (optional)


play dough??

Mix all the ingredients together to get a sticky dough consistency (like play dough).

Make small balls and press n them a little (to get fat-discs..). put in a pan with a baking sheet.

You can also mold them using cookie molds, the dough doesn’t expand during baking so the shape is kept nicely.


fat disc shape


using a cookie mold

Bake at 170C for 15 min. The cookies should not brown, but rather stay completely pale. Let the cookies cool completely untouched (they are extremely crumbly when they are warm, so don’t touch!).

Sprinkle powdered sugar


NoasMomCookies-8 NoasMomCookies-19

NoasMomCookies-20and eat


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