Three little bruschettas

Finger food you said? Tapas you want? here is something for ya!

Bruchettas with three different toppings:

For the bruschettas you can use baguette, cut into ~1.5 cm thick small slices. Drizzled some olive oil and spread some garlic on the bread, and toast it on a stripy steak pan.


Here I suggest 3 very different bruschetta toppings.

Bruchetta # 1: black beans and baconBrusketas-1For this bruschetta I prefer dried black beans that were soaked over night. Cook the beans with bay leaves until they are tender. Fry finely chopped onion in olive oil, and add it to the beans. Fry bacon pieces. Mash the beans and onions together and season with salt an pepper. Serve topped with bacon and some olive oil.

Bruchetta #2: Zucchini, ricotta Parmesan and herbsBrusketas-2Grate some zucchini, finely chop some onion and garlic and chopped some herbs. We used marjoram and thyme.  Put the onions, garlic and herbs in a pan with olive oil and fry over low heat until the onion is soft and transparent but not brown and crunchy. Add the zucchini and season with salt and pepper. Take the mixture of the pan when everything is tasty and tender.

Mix the zucchini mixture with some ricotta and grated Parmesan, and add seasoning to taste. Serve topped with some herbs and olive oil.

Bruchetta # 3: Dried tomatoes in olive oil and prawns

Brusketas-3Use your best tomatoes in oil for this one, and clean prawns. Simply fry the prawns lightly with olive oil and garlic. Add some chopped dried tomatoes and some of their oil. You can actually keep these prawns in the fridge until serving- they are good cold and warm. I don’t recommend re-heating obviously. Serve each bruschetta with one or two prawns.

All toppings should be prepared in advance, but the bread should be toasted just before serving.

All these toppings, of course, can be used for sandwiches. They keep well only for several days.


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    חושבת עליך

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