Miss Crunch – type I

You know those cookies that go perfect with coffee or tea, crunchy (and dry)? Those that leave crumbs everywhere? Biscotti or mendelbruit in ‘Jewish’… or just ‘dry cookies’. I love them.

My favorite recipe is from a mom of one of my X’s, and she surely deserves the credits if I still make them every once in a while after.. something like 10 years…more or less. So, thank you Yonil‘s mom!

The recipe is simple as can be:

Dry cookies

  • 280gr flour
  • 5tbs oil
  • 2 eggs
  • 160-180gr sugar
  • 8gr baking powder (1tbs)
  • lemon zest
  • 100gr almonds or other kind of nuts
  • 100gr raising

Mix all the ingredients except the nuts and raisins together in a food processor/mixer, add nuts and raisins. Mix to get dough.. and roll out  3cm wide ‘snakes’.

Bake at 180C for about half an hour, until the snakes are stiff.

Let the ‘snakes’ cool. After they cooled down cut to 1/2cm thick cookies. Lay the cookies on a backing pan and bake at 150C for 10-15min.

They are ready.

I didn’t have any lemons today, which I consider a must, so I used orange zest and cinnamon (1tsp) and orange liqueur instead. It is definitely best with the lemon zest, but they are definately good with cinnamon-orange seasoning as well.

So, indulge on these cookies with some coffee, tea or an owl…

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One Response to Miss Crunch – type I

  1. orna says:

    looks Yammy

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