Merry Cherry

Poultry (poule) with cherries:

  • 2 duck (leaner) or goose (fattier) thighs
  • 2 onions
  • a few shallots, peeled
  • many many cherries, pitted (I used about 300gr fresh cherries and I wish I had more). You may use  sour cherries in syrup (those that come in a jar).
  • bouquet grani: rosemary, sage, thyme and whatever you feel like
  • a little sugar
  • lemon, sliced (maybe unnecessary if you use the sour cherries)
  • oil
  • butter
  • S&P
  • cognac

Melt oil and butter and fry the poultry in a pan, one that you can also put in the oven. Take out the duck when it is thoroughly browned (more than in the picture below…)  and set  aside.

Now put in the onions and fry. Add the fried thighs and cherries, the bouquet, salt and pepper, shallots and lemon if using. Put in  the  cognac  and stir,  then  add the  water (enough to cover about 2/3 -3/4 of the poultry is enough) and put in the oven at 160C for about an hour -hour and a half. Take of the cover and let the skin crisp (approximately 20min) . C’est tout.

You can reduce the sauce if you are not dead hungry by the time the birds are ready: heavily boil the sauce in a sauce pan until it is reduced. You can also add flour, but just a little, to thicken the sauce, and butter to give it some glossy body.


Comments and commentaries: I found it quite difficult to find fresh geese here in Israel, so here I used frozen birds, that were defrosted in the fridge over night. If you use frozen meat always make sure it is thoroughly and slowly defrosting preferably in the fridge. I personally don’t believe in quick- thaw for meat (and you shouldn’t either, it is unhealthy, not tasty and ruins the meat).

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