Coffee it all

Chocolate & coffee dessert, fun, easy and actually really tasty.

This dessert was built from leftovers. It took me about 10min in total to assemble them all, but for that, you need good leftovers.

Lets start with the non leftovers- chocolate. All you need to do is gently melt the chocolate (dark, 70% cocoa) in a ban-Marie (a pot filled with water on which you put the pot/ bowl with the chocolate). You may add a tiny bit of oil or butter for extra shine. Spread a thin layer of chocolate on a backing sheet and put it in the freezer.

Mascarpone coffee cream: I mixed half a package of mascarpone cheese with espresso with a tiny bit of sugar (tiny!), put in the fridge to rest and regain a little stiffness.

The leftovers: I had some crumble (unbaked) in the fridge. The best thing about crumble, except for the fact it is so easy to make, is that it can be left in the fridge even for a month. All it contains is butter, sugar and flour, you may add some spices or ground nuts, and when desired- back on top of fruits or just on a backing sheet- depends on the desired endpoint. Here of course I backed on a backing sheet, for probably something like 5-8min in 180C, until it is just lightly golden. For crumble recipe see: Hebrew, English. I recommend adding a tiny pinch of salt to the crumble.

So, bake the crumble on a baking sheet, and let it cool- so it won’t melt the chocolate.

If you look carefully on the picture of the finished dessert, you can see some syrup going around my dessert, This is old coffee syrup I made, again something that can stay in the fridge for ever. All it contains is coffee (from a makineta, I don’t recommend using instant coffee because, well, I just hate this type of coffee), water, sugar and coffee liqueur. To make it you will need to use sugar and total fluid volume (coffee + water) of 1:1 and basically season to taste with the liqueur and the water-coffee ratio. Cook the syrup until it becomes a little thick, like maple syrup, which should take about 5 min. You can always return it to the heat if you are not happy with the consistency when cold.ย  Keep it the fridge.That is it- assemble: I recommend serving on cold plates (as in from the fridge)- otherwise the chocolate melts quite fast and looses crunch. Brake the chocolate free style lay a piece on the plate, put a couple of tbs onย  the chocolate thin, put another chocolate thin on top, sprinkle the crumble, a little syrup, and you have a wonderfully- tasty and not too ‘heavy’.


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  1. fra says:

    Sounds soooo italian! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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