Asia tour I: from Paris to Asia

We had a good salmon tartar, with coconut cream,  when we were in Paris (photographer and I) and I really wanted a chance to try and make it at home. An Asian dinner starter, to get us on the dinner plane from Paris to Asia seemed like the appropriate chance.  Here is the first dish of many more of our (our? see below) Asian tour dinner:

For 4 people, about 50 gr. of salmon fillet each:

  • lemongrass stalk
  • ginger, freshly ground
  • 200ml coconut cream
  • salt and pepper
  • you may add some lime
  • and of course, 200gr salmon fillet, cut into 0.5×0.5cm cubes (cut close to preparation, not before, and please, use fresh salmon, not frozen-thawed, not for tartar, please)

In a saucepan, bring to a light boil all the ingredients except for the salmon. Adjust seasoning as you wish. Let the coconut cream absorb the lemongrass and ginger taste for a short while and set aside to cool and absorb some more tastes. Move the cream to the fridge. About an hour before serving, strain the cream, cut the fish and the two together (cream should be cold now, yes? otherwise you will have cooked fish and not tartar) and return to the fridge (we did not let it set before serving and I think we should have). Plate using a cookie cutter or a serving mold, put the tartar in the mold, tighten a little, take out the mold, and serve, with some garnish.

Not too much work, very special, and tasty. Don’t be cheap with seasoning because this dish is cold and coolness softens the tastes of food.

See you in the Philippines and Thailand (i.e. Asia tour II).

Credits: dinner creators are Oren Peles and myself, pictures were taken by my photographer, of course. And the dish was copied from un petit bistro a’ rue d’Asses, a’ Paris.

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