We made polenta, or mamaliga (normally a corn flour porridge) from fresh corn. It tastes like heaven (in the summer ,when it’s corn season).

To make some heavenly polenta you will need 3-4 -5 or 12,000 corn cubs (you need at least 3 to have something to work with, maybe 1.5 or 2 per person, depends on its role in the meal). Milk and water and butter are mandatory, chicken stock- optional. Of course, salt an pepper, and nutmeg is also optional. And also 5 hours cooking- recommended.

  • whole corn cubs
  • 10gr butter per cub
  • water and milk- as much as it takes. And stock if you wish.
  • salt and pepper
  • nutmeg (optional)
  • Parmesan or Pecorino (optional, but really necessary)

Take the corn kernels off of their cubs (with a knife). Put them all in a large pot with some of the butter. Mix to cover the kernels in butter, add water and milk and stock to cover. Let it cook, stirring every once in a while, for ~5 hour. Actually 10 min is enough, but the longer you cook, the better it tastes. If you don’t have the time i still recommend doing this dish, by all means. Add fluids as needed. After you have had enough cooking, add spices, and cook some more. Then grind the corn in a food processor or something similar. Strain the porridge carefully and thoroughly. Mix in the rest of the butter and cheese. Serve with something a tad sour to complement- like roasted tomatoes, sour cream or creme fraiche. In Italy we were served polenta with pan fired mushrooms and salami on the side, which was great, but it is better with real Italian salami (french salami also works).


This dish is inspired by (well, an imitation of) a dish from a famous restaurant, with a famous chef that everyone around here knows (who is also the cauliflower chef), and I will not mention his name due to  ideological reasons.

The first time I tried to do such a polenta I did it with a friend, who is also worth mentioning, but I am not sure he wants to be mentioned (for more collaborations see Silvester dinner). So .. there..

This time, my photographer did a big chunk of the work. So he deserves credit too.

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3 Responses to Polenta-liga

  1. orna says:

    גילי-את נראה פורנוגרפית משהו שכאת אוכלת פולנטה

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