Food market in Tel Aviv port

This is the first post in which I am telling of things and places I like and not things I cook. First post is on  Tel Aviv’s port market.

This is a rather small market, trying to imitate European markets, like in Paris and Barcelona. It is small, expensive and LOVELY. It is totally worth a day trip. Fridays are great, because there are a lot of farmer’s stands outside and the regular ones inside, but it is REALLY CROWDED. Any other day there are only several stands, shops and ‘diners’ but it is not crowded, and has most of the ‘good stuff’ anyhow.

Except for the cute atmosphere and the European feel there are some particular things I recommend to actually buy there.

  • Mu va Mu stand (מו ומו, originally from Rehovot)  really do believe they have the best meat I came across in Israel, for home use. They are not cheap, but for Tel-Aviv the prices are totally normal. I particularly recommend buying meat for ‘short cooking’- they have the best rib eye (אנטריקוט), sirloin (סינטה) and some special parts such as ‘butcher’s cut’ (אין לי מושג איך אומרים נתח קצבים)… they also sell beef stock, organic and free range chickens and eggs. they will also prepare your meat for the oven if you need (tie it up with spices or in marinade etc.).
  • The carrots stand- (from moshav Zofit)they have great tasting great looking carrots. They charge 10nis per bundle, but it is worth it. they have colorful carrots, and occasionally colorful cauliflower, they have the tastiest and tiniest beet roots you have ever seen, some special radishes, and raspberries in season. Highly recommended. Also, on Fridays they have a stand outside that sells two bundles of carrots for 15nis.
  • Sherry haring- expensive but tasty. At least try it once.
  • In season, there is an artichoke guy in the market on Fridays (outside), they are cost 10-15nis per kilo, and are really good (it is not more expensive than the Carmel market, and quality is guaranteed). He also sells sun dried raisins, which i haven’t tried, but I am sure they are good, and several other nice products.
  • Tartoga- ‘tapas restaurant’ which is expensive, but fun. see review in: I  admit I would not go there every day, cause it doesn’t feel like good value for money, but then again, in Tel Aviv good food places are usually overpriced…
  • For good lemon juice go to the ‘cooked beans’ stand, they have hummus, fol (fava beans) etc. And lemonade.

Other than that you can find in this market cheese, local and imported, wine, many kinds of fish and sea food, home made cakes, kosher breads, good quality olive oil, home made cooking, kosher ‘cold cuts’, and lots of organic fruit and vegetables which look nicer than the organic markets ones.   The ones I mentioned above are the ones I go back to, and recommend in particular.

The fish stand:

A pickles and olives stand:

The sausage stand (kosher for some strange reason):

Relevant links:

Have a foodie day!


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2 Responses to Food market in Tel Aviv port

  1. Vova says:

    “Butcher steak” – is a Skirt steak or Ongle. And it’s always nice to read your stuff. Keep on doing it

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