A tale of tail

This tale is almost as long as ‘The Lord of the Rings’,   5-6 hours for cooking plus some preparation (the prologue, i.e. preparations, are actually not that long).

As always, we start with the prologue:

For this recipe you will need:

  • ox tail cut to .. pieces
  • some flour
  • oil
  • carrots
  • parsnips
  • onion
  • orange juice
  • white wine
  • red wine
  • bay leaf, English pepper, cloves

Coat the tail with flour (with salt and pepper in it), fry them in a heavy sauce pan with oil. Take the browned tail out, and put in the vegitables for a short fry. Put the meat back in, add the wines, the orange juice, the spices, and let the stew boil. Then let it cook in the oven (130C or so) or on the stove. Let it cook. And cook. Six hours, less will not do.

A day rest will do no harm to the tale. Or the tail. You can put it aside (in the fridge) and continue the cooking a day or later.

The stew is ready when the meat is.. tender.. very tender. DO not be tempted to eat it before it’s due, you will not enjoy the experience.

And now- the epilogue:

This stew comes out wonderfully hearty, full of flavors and satifiying. It can be done with pieces that need less time to cook, but better with those that are reach in gelatin, like cheack. Yes, it tastes good! You can also open the pot for the last 30min if cooking in the oven, to get a nice sticky, caramelization of the sauce.

Serve with rice or bread.

What a happy ending!

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