Glorify butter

It is sweet and sour, but not Chinese:  lemon jam and brioche.

Let us start with the jam: lots and lots of lemon have given their lives for that jam. most of them were squeezed, a couple were sliced.

In total, we had around 0.9kg of the lemony part. The lemons were combined with about 600gr of sugar (‘about’ since I did not use a recipe and freely added what I felt was right), plus 2 cloves. They were cooked till the jam became thick enough to pass the plat test.

So , the jam is piping hot and ready- put it in a jar and flip it (lid would be on the bottom at this point), since the jam is very (F*$&#) hot, it is supposed to sterilize the jar. Let it cool.

We will eat this with the lovely king brioche.

Recipe taken from ‘Al Hashulchan’ cookbook.

  • 35gr (1/4cup) flour
  • 25gr *fresh* yeast (half a package)
  • 80ml warm milk (1/3 cup)

mix, set aside for 30min

  • 750gr flour (5 1/3 cups, mixing regular and bread flout is an option)
  • 6 eggs (330-360gr in total)
  • 100gr (1/2 cup) sugar
  • vanilla, lemon zest, orange zest or whatever flavor you feel like.
  • 1tbs salt
  • 320gr (1 1/3 cups) BUTTER

Mix sugar, flour, eggs and spices with the ‘pre-dough’, until combined. Add salt, mix well, and then in goes the butter, until well combined and a wonderful sticky dough comes out. Let it get its beauty sleep overnight.

Rise with the sun, to give this pastry its honor (I rose at 8:15, which was way to late to get breakfast at a decent hour). Roll the dough to ping-pong size balls (no bananas in this show), put them in their pan to rise. You can also make a queen challa, which means a big loaf of brioche by putting the dough in an English cake pan.. oh the possibilities are endless (more tips will come). Let the dough rise till double in size in a warm and moist surrounding (like in a lightly heated oven- no more than 40C and with a pot of boiling water near by).

Here you can see the dough did not rise enough, but I was darn hungry !!

So, brush with yolk mixed with some milk and put in the oven: 15min in 180/190 C for small brioche, 35min for the loaf.

Finally, sweet and sour morning, like my kingdom deserves (and also yours!). Some soft butter to spread on the brioche (oh yeah!) and a touch of that lemony jam…

Tips and commentaries:

  • For the lemon jam, I think I could have let the lemon reduce a little before adding the sugar to get a yellower color. And also use more cloves. Other than that it came out pretty cool, very sour (my frog is a big fan of lemons and sourness) really similar to lemon candy, surprisingly (do they actually use lemon in those??)
  • Brioche should have rose more. This is not my first time with brioche, so I am pretty sure the cracks are due to short rise. Taste is still superb.
  • Brioche options: brioche goes with sweet and salty, so we can really go crazy with it: fill it with peanut butter and jelly, with fine chocolate chips, with jam, with dried fruits. For those that need that banana with the pingpong, you can use banana (plus chocolate?) to fill the brioche as well. You can spice the dough with alcohols such as cognac or cassis liqueur (never actually tried this one), cinnamon, and… Parmesan. We can fill it with-read carefully- goat cheese and candied fig, or raisins and blue cheese!! These fillings are seriously amazing. Prosciutto and foie gras also go just fine with out brioche!
  • It is possible to freeze the pre-rise dough, but you need a good freezer. I ruined many to-be-brioches because of a bad freezer (the yeast go bad and the brioche gets this sour taste, which is not bad for breads and pizzas, but it inappropriate in brioche).
  • Make brioche, you know you want it!

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4 Responses to Glorify butter

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  2. Asia says:

    Gili,i can feel smell here in Zielona Góra !!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    Asia and Miś family

  3. Srivalli says:

    I am not sure what you call those other than muffins..:)..but they are so tempting..of course if only I could replace all that egg..LOL..

  4. nava says:

    I know they are excellent… I ate them

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