I have never been to India

I have never been to India, so I am most definitely not an expert when it comes to food from India, but I like it.

Here I made a whole meal in 1.5 h (because this is what i needed for the naan bread to rise) based on an Israeli-Indi cook book ( i.e. recipes are adjusted to the Israeli palate and products).

Cabbage and peas stir fried with chillies and coriander seeds.

mong/mash beans with spices. The beans were soaked overnight.  I fried some ground coriander, cumin and turmeric, added the  strained beans and some chillies and water (to cover). This was cooked for about 40 min until it was ready (beans were soft). The recipe is 200 gr beans, 1tsp of coriander and cumin and 1/2 of turmeric, I recommend a lot more (also more chillies).  On top there are sliced onions fried with cumin seeds.

I had some more time so I made spinach with chillies and onions (in the back of the above picture). And yogurt with mint, cucumber and yes, cumin seeds, fried (in the front).

From left to right: naan, cabbage, mong beans, yogurt, spinach, and chutney in the middle (not home made..).

It is a real easy and quick meal if you’ve got the spices, which were not enough, to my taste, in these recipes.

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3 Responses to I have never been to India

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  2. Srivalli says:

    For a person who has never been to India nor seen the food, that plate looks great..I am sure it tasted wonderful..I find it so inspiring when people try their hands at different cuisines and make them look so beautiful!..thank you..

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