Purple Risotto

I am not Italian, but I occasionally make risotto, because it is easy enough, and can be done with whatever you currently have.

I had purple carrots, so I made .. purple risotto!

Ingredients: butter, good quality risotto, white wine, chicken stock, shallots, carrots, some more butter, and Parmesan cheese.

Steam the carrots and shallots, with butter, then add 1 cup of risotto (for 2 people + leftovers) and cover it with the butter. add wine (one cup, is it?) when the whine is reduced, in goes the chicken stock, 1/2 a cup at a time.

Cook while mixing occasionally, and after about 30 min it is ready: rice should be cooked to ‘al dante’ (i.e cooked, but left with a crunch in the middle) and look a bit sticky, and then the extra butter goes in, if needed, and the Parmesan.

Here served with some artichoke hearts and a bit of fennel, spiced with some mint leaved, sage and lemon.

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3 Responses to Purple Risotto

  1. sexlessinnyc says:

    Gili instead of using purple carrots to make the risotto purple, can I use some beetroot? Also, are these fresh artichoke hearts or can I use the marinated ones? It looks yummers!

    • giliwilli says:

      You can do whatever you want! I haven’t tried using beets, but I would guess they will need to cook longer than carrots (before adding the risotto).
      Yes, these are fresh artichokes. I would use frozen rather than marinated if fresh are not in season. But any other vegi or non vegi can go on top as well (mushrooms, steak… )
      And most importantly- don’t forget the wine 😉

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