Last week we made pasta.

We had some ‘spaghetti pumpkin’ from the ‘farmers market’, we thought making spaghetti with this pumpkin would work good.  I separated some eggs, to give the yolks a dominance, and then i discovered my pasta flour (durum) is alive. Despair cam over me, but Matan still insisted on going to see if they have pasta flour in the store. He came back, and as you understand from the headline, pasta it was.

So, I made pasta more then a few times before so I allow myself not to measure, but it should be around 100gr flour per egg, depends on the flour, depends on the egg.. (I am not very useful with recipes, am I?). Anyhow, mixing flour and eggs, here I used 2 yolks and 1.5 whites… I got to the proper texture of dough, an I let it rest.

In the meantime… sauce: the pumpkin was boiled whole till it was soft, then I burned my fingers taking the inside of the pumpkin out. I put it in a pan with plenty of butter,  plus salt, pepper and some nutmeg.   Roasted some pistachios, chopped, quizzed some lemon and grated it’s peel.

The pasta: roll it about 10 times in the thickest stage on the machine, folding and rolling. Then roll thinner and thinner, I go to 7 (out of 9.. ‘stages’)  and then through the spaghetti ‘stage’ on the machine. Do not forget to flour the dough once in a while. Now you have a lot of pasta, on which you put a lot of flour, for it not to stick, don’t pile up too much pasta.

Prepare boiling water with lots of salt (not too much, like I did…) and cook the pasta for 3min at the most (you want it al-dante, right?).

Cooked pasta along with some water goes to the pan with the sauce, a bit of mixing, and then the extras go in: pistachios, and lemon zest. Serve, with Parmesan.

This can be done in an hour, for two.


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