My First turkey

It’s Christmas time and we (1,2,3,4!! cooks) decided to challenge ourselves with a stuffed turkey.

We ordered the smallest one available, which turned out to be 6.3kg.

On Friday noon, arriving to the cooking palace, we started with stuffing.

For the stuffing we had pre-cooked whole rice mixed with some red rice we spiced it with cranberries, dried apples, finely sliced lemons, sage, Cinnamon, cloves. thyme…

we stuffed the bird, treated it with some butter, and white wine, and off to the oven, 180 C, covered, for 3.5-4.5   hours.

We went on do make the other dishes: polish ‘ears’ and liver filled ‘crotons’ .

The Turkey needs some attention while in the oven, i.e a bath every 30-60 min or so.

30 min before serving, we took off the aluminium foil and let it crisp.

Turkey was served with it’s own filling, apple sauce and spinach.

Dessert: creme brulee’ tart with raspberries.

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