Sauciss(on) de cochon

I made sausages for the third time. It’s  really not as scary as it sounds.

First time was a couple of years ago. The second was a week and a half ago, and a couple of days ago it was my first time without my expert (thanks, Oren).

I can’t say I  am an expert quit yet, but I can say it is not too complicated and quit fun! and the possibilities are endless!

*do not try this at home if you are on a diet*

So, all you need is some gut (well, all you need is love), no, seriously, you need gut (the casing, but also some courage!), some ground meat, preferably pork or pork + and spices of course.

10-15 gr salt for each kilo of filling.

I made mine with a little bread (1-2 slices per kilo), and fried onions.

I really recommend liver! Sear in in a pan and cut to small chunks! But beware, not everyone likes liver (only God knows why).

Spicing up your sausages with whatever you feel like at the moment is the name of the game (??).

cumin+ turmeric, herbs de provance, cheese (guada, emmental, mozzarella, blue, cheddar… ), fried onions, parsley, coriander (seeds or leaves), alcohols such as brandy, scotch , wine  (the bucher recommended to vaporize the alcohol=heat in a pan before use). We can go extreme and use grand marinier, orange zest, cabbage (cooked), dried tomatoes, a cat. well, I wouldn’t go that far, but really, anything goes.

But a key ingredient we cannot ignore is FAT. 200gr/kilo meat is little if you do not use liver. don’t be cheap with the fat (it is the taste of life)!

Sausages in the pictures got cumin (ground + whole seeds) + turmeric+ parsley, or gauda+white wine+seed mustard.

Yep, we have a sticky yucky meat dough. this thing must be shoved to a casing, which should be washed carefully, and soaked if salte. You can push the stuffing in with a machine (like mine, Kenwood, if you have the tools) but it can also be done with a pastry bag! (Yes, I did that too).

with as little air as possible. it can be made into one big sausage (or a few), or many small ones separated by string or just several twists. To close you can tie a knot from the casting or use a string.

This will keep (according to the internet and my bucher) 2-3 days uncooked.

Cook ’em on the grill or in a pan. poke the air bubbles with a needle to get out the air, or just make some cuts  while cooking to avoid catastrophic explosions.

Enjoy (the process of making and eating!)

mm.. what about dessert?

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