Chinese take-in and a French movie

It smells like winter, and there is no better way to celebrate it with a warm soup in bed and a movie.

So that’s what we did.

For the take in Chinese we made gyoza in a Chinese soup with bok-choy, mushrooms, sprouts and scallions (=green onions).

Gyoza: 2 eggs and some flour (I used only plain flour for this one, seems more appropriate to me, and still does). Rolled it as thinly as possible (used 9 on my pasta machine, which is the thinest).

Filling (should be prepared before pasta is rolled out):

300gr ground pork, scallions, ginger, salt peper, some soy and rice wine, and soaked (30min) and finely cut Chinese mushrooms.


After 3 min cooking in boiling salted water the dumplings go into the soup, which is as follows: chicken stock (or pork/ Chinese, or vegi), Chinese mushrooms (I used 2 kinds) and some champignon, and some ginger, boiled for 5 min or more.

Then the Gyoza went in, together with stripes of bok-choiy, and after 1min cooking it was done. Bean sprouts, coriander leaves and scallions and fresh birds eye chillies, and off we go to bed with *delicious* chinese soup.



**Please, do not leave the gyoza or its filling alone at any given time if you are surrounded by cats**

For the French movie he brought me ‘Le petit Nicolas’ 🙂


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