Dim sam day

I made dim sam several days ago. They will be my first post.

The first dim sam I ever made was last week. I made yeast dough pastry filled with pork (can be done with chicken if you don’t really know what is best for you) and cabbage. The dough is quite easy to make: mix 20gr (*fresh!) yeast, sugar, water and tbs of oil, leave for 3 min. For the filling stir fry ginger and garlic, (yes, in a wok *city wok*) add the meat (which should be cut to very small pieces) and then the cabbage (figure 1). Dough turns into  circles, which are filled with the chilled to room temp filling. Put it on a steamer for 15min.
I liked it, so I made it again (this time with chicken, which was not as good obviously) and I added some others:

Dough for steaming, made of water, egg yolk and flour (naturally) rolled out thinly. this one was filled with mushroom mix or chives (figures 2 and 3), spiced with more or less the same ingredients as above.

These are supposed to be served with spiced soy sauce (ginger, chili.. ) but dunking is not recommended, a small dip is more than enough.
So, if there is anyone out there, this one is definitely not too much work, tastes great and looks great. Recommended for every*one* who is willing to try to make something new.

p.s. need some more fillings to try, maybe without the cruel soy 🙂
Recipe from Aharoni’s noodle and pasta book.
Oh, and thank you Matan for the lovely pictures.
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